School Art Competition

From Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 to Friday, October 26th, 2018
We are looking for the best young artist in Benoni.

Prizes include art hampers & bursaries to the value of R30 000!

From 2 - 9 November, come vore for your favourite top 3 entries at the Northmead Square art exhibition.

To enter, contact Sharne on 082 306 1498 or

Artwork brief:
Create an art piece on the A3 entry page provided, that represents your love & how you see Benoni (‘My Benoni’). It can be representational or abstract. The artwork must include the Northmead Square logo & slogan (as can be seen on the top of the page). There will be 7 categories divided into the following age groups: Primary School (6-7,8-9,10-11,12-13 years old) and High School (14-15,16-17,18-19 years old).
Submission date: 26th of October 2018.
How to enter:
• 1 x Entry form with a template indicating the size of the artwork to be designed. All designs must be done on this form. If other paper is to be used, please ensure that the exact same size template is used. The artwork must be designed within the block given, not outside. Please ensure that the learners do not flip the entry form. Each entry form indicates the top and bottom of the advert.
• 1 x The Northmead Square School Art Competition information sheet that includes the competition details, how to enter guidelines & artwork brief.
Competition Criteria:
1. Research: Study the history of Benoni & Northmead Square as well as the tenants of Northmead Square by going onto the website, Facebook page or visiting the centre if possible for inspiration.
2. The success of an artwork will be measured on creativity, as well as the way the student incorporates Northmead Square into the piece.
3. Do a rough plan and layout before executing your final design on the entry form. The execution must be neat, accurate and attractive. 
4. USE OF MATERIAL: We suggest that crayons, Koki pens or pastels be used. If pencil is used it must be 2B or softer. If paint is used on the paper supplied, it will warp and crinkle. We therefore suggest that if an entrant wishes to use paint i.e. Water/acrylic, that the correct paper be purchased. Remember to measure the advert size and once completed, paste the entry in the space provided on the entry form.
5. You may not paste logos or any pictures onto your advert, you must draw them freehand, copy or trace them. 
6. All entries must be submitted by no later than 26 October 2018.
Once all entries have been designed, please place in them in a large brown envelope and a representative from Northmead Square will collect the envelope during the last week of October. If all artwork is ready before this date, call for collection. 

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